Spoiled, blessed, or a little bit of both?

” Lord my God, You have done many things. Your wonderful works and Your plans for us; none can compare with You, if I were to report and speak of them they are more than can be told.”- Psalm 40:5 HCSB


As I sit and read this verse I am forced to think about everything I have in my life; parents that are still together, siblings that get along and love me, friends that are true, a brand new truck and money to put gas in it, a ridiculous amount of shoes and clothes (many of which I never wear), a fancy phone, computer, and tablet, but more importantly I have a sovereign Lord and Savior that gave His life so that I may live eternally with Him. As the verse says, ” if I were to report and speak of them they are more than can be told”, so there are so many more things I have been blessed with that I can’t even imagine right now………So why do we want more? Why is that we do not have enough? Why can we not find satisfaction in the things He has already given us? Why have we convinced ourselves that with more we will be happier? That with something different life will be complete?

Is it because we are spoiled? Is it because I am spoiled? Now if you were to ask my brothers this they would probably say yes, but am I really? I have never demanded to get everything I wanted or the most expensive and flashy things ( I mean for Christmas I asked for socks!), because things are not my thing. I do not find my worth in how much I have or what I do not have.

As Christians I think we act spoiled. We have been blessed and given so much from God that we forget we need to share our blessings. We are to share the One who blessed us because without Him we would have and be nothing. This is something I am guilty of doing. When something goes right I forget to thank God for blessing me but the moment something goes wrong or not as planned I am too quick to as for His help. Or when someone comments on something I have or something that has happened in my life,  I am too quick to take credit.

So how do we change this selfish behavior we have? As a therapist I have worksheets for everything but not for this. I think when we act like this there is something off in our walk. Something that needs to be examined in our spirituality and fixed. This is where we need to start. This is where the change should take place so that we can get back on track and we can begin to share like we are supposed to.

In my first page? Post? Blog thingy? I wrote that this was going to be the year of me but I want to amend that. This year is going to be the year of me through Him. The year of me sharing what He has blessed me with and giving all the glory back to Him. The year that in all that I do He can be seen.

God, thank you for everything you have blessed me with in my life, even when I do not deserve them. Thank you for continuing to bless me even when I am acting spoiled or selfish. I pray that this year You show me the areas that need to be changed in my life so that I may be more satisfied with all that I have and that I may be a better testimony of You and Your love. Amen.

~Jacqueline Alyse


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